March 20, 2005

Janette over at CommonSenseRunsWild has

Janette over at CommonSenseRunsWild has committed her blog to post only Terri Schiavo related posts. Others have joined her in this commitment and have become "Blogger on Strike".

I commend them for taking this challenge and it is a challenge. As a blogger, my goal in this case has been to let my readers know what is really going on with Terri Schiavo. That she is not in a coma, that she is not a vegetable, that she is not a houseplant. It can be difficult to find a new angle or not to be repetitive. I have phenomenal readers who even if they did not agree with my entire stance on Terri have continued to come back and read my little blog. I know most readers are not that patient.

Janette has an awesome blog and if you have not blogrolled her yet, please do so. She is witty and ironic and relevant. And she is focusing all her energy on Terri; she will most likely lose some readers because of it. Please go over and support her. I do not have paypal here because my site is currently hosted by blogger and it is relatively cheap to maintain. But with someone with her bandwidth requirements and hosting costs, it would be nice to contribute to her site. Or at least visit some of her advertisers (That's what I do -- and there are actually some nice military packages you can purchase...look at that, learn about Terri and be patriotic at the same time.)

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