March 19, 2005

My mother and I were

My mother and I were talking about Jessica Lunsford today. The little girl everyone here in Florida had been searching frantically for, only to find some selfish disgusting pervert used her and took her life and buried her only a few 100 feet from her home.

It seems incomprehensible that such evil can exist in this world but it does. So many victims of abuse, of neglect, of murder. So many innocent lives taken. It seems so overwhelming to try to place faces with them all. God could tell you their names, He could tell you their dreams and desires. Their hopes and fears, He would let you know everything that the life taken had to offer...but so many of us fail to listen to God.

My mom said she cried when she heard about little Jessica. I thought of my own daughter. Jessica's grandmother tucked the little girl in, she said goodnight and her grandmother left the room, knowing that Jessica was home and safe. She could not imagine the nightmare that would follow. I don't think of it because if I do, then it means that no matter how hard I try, my baby will never be 100% safe.

Whatever I do, there are no guarantees. My mother said she would die if anything happened to her. At the risk of sounding callous and being misunderstood; I know I would survive. I can't imagine the pain or the despair and in fact, I don't want to; it is too hard to think about, but the same God I call on every night to protect her would be the same God that I would call on to give me strength.

So many lose their faith when something bad happens to them or their family. They ask how God could let that happen. I understand those thoughts completely. Their anger is focused on God because He is completely able to do almost anything in the world, except to make a choice for each and everyone of us. God gave His most precious creation a choice: To serve Him or to serve themselves. We live in a society that has chosen themselves. Sometimes, good people are victims of those who refuse to live by the rules of God.

Does it seem fair? Does it seem right in our minds? No, but today is not judgment day. Today is not the day when mercy or condemnation is given. Humanity has shown great error in who they choose to whom they give mercy and also to whom they choose to condemn, soon a Perfect Judge will stand and he will rule. Yes, we are troubled at the evil. We are scared of the darkness, but soon there will be light. He will rule and it will be right.

And this is why I can leave my daughter alone in her room at night, say goodnight and hope that she is safe and continue to Trust my God.

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