February 28, 2005

Why does Terri Schiavo's life

Why does Terri Schiavo's life matter so much to me and over 200 other bloggers?

I found this article and I think it answers the question quite well.

Don't even consider the idea that Terri Schiavo's case is either unique or particular to her family in this Machiavellian age. It is neither. An individual ordered by a court, sentenced to death by starvation because she is "a useless feeder" is each and every one of us under similar circumstances, a human over whom the state has exercised the power of life and death absent any crime and punishment being involved. The punishment is for being useless, a burden to the state, considered a soulless offspring of the detestable theory of evolution that renders all of us just an accident in primordial slime.

She is me because I am disabled with a spinal fracture. She is every maimed and "useless" veteran of the wars in which America has involved itself for political reasons and left behind the unnamed military personnel, some teenagers, whose lives will be spent as disabled persons requiring continual medical care. She is each elderly person whose life has been spent going to school, getting married, having children, being a productive worker for the government's tax program and a contributor to Social Security. She is you and me and all of these people who were disabled by an accident at work, at home, in an automobile.

She is an American who was once an able-bodied person welcomed by the gods of the state. Now she has been sentenced to die as a useless feeder.

Read the rest of it, it is well worth your time.

Who do you want to have the right to determine if your life is useless or not?

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