February 27, 2005

Wow. I feel enlightened. All

Wow. I feel enlightened. All this time I thought the struggle against good and evil was referring to spiritual principles of goodness of God vs. the destructiveness of sin. But Howard Dean has set me straight. Now I know that good refers to the Democrats and evil refers to the Republicans. As he said in this speech:
"Moderate Republicans can't stand these people (conservatives), because they're intolerant. They don't think tolerance is a virtue," Dean said, adding: "I'm not going to have these right-wingers throw away our right to be tolerant."

And concluding his backyard speech with a litany of Democratic values, he added: "This is a struggle of good and evil. And we're the good."

I guess I should change that party affiliation now...

Who wants to be the one to tell him that he is so clueless? Aren't you susposed to understand your opponent in order to defeat them? If this is really what Dean and his party believe, the Republicans will not have to worry for a long long time.

Update: Todd from Amateur Megalomania (who would not love that blog name?) comments:

Seriously, I thought the Democrats had finally hit bottom, but it looks like the 2004 election was just a glancing blow on an outcropping. The tumbling will continue for at least another cycle. Part of me rejoices, but a bigger part would like to see the restoration of a sensible and principled opposition.
Seriously, indeed. :)
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