February 25, 2005

Last Friday, Terri Schiavo only

Last Friday, Terri Schiavo only seemed within 3 days of beginning her long agonizing death by starvation and dehydration brought on by her husband who has been fighting to remove her feeding tube that keeps her alive. Now today, with this new ruling, Terri's family and all those fighting for her life were given 3 weeks to find a way to save her.

Some may be disappointed that the deadline has just been moved back and not taken away completely but I think this gives us all of us a precious resource that we did not have a week ago: time. Time to continue our fight to get the truth about Terri out there. Time to petition our lawmakers and government officials. Time to pray and time to hope.

Terri's hope continues, let's not become complacent but continue this course.

For more on how you can help Terri, go to blogsforterri.

Again a big thank you to all my readers who have been so supportive. I think most of my readers who have blogs have at least mentioned Terri's case in their own posts even when we didn't always agree on the specifics. I also thank you for the countless emails I have received and the news articles so many have referred me to. I don't mind being a "small" blog because I know I have the best readers of them all.

HT: Reggie at Reggienation and Dave at Firewolf.

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