February 24, 2005

My desk is piled up

My desk is piled up with unfinished and overdue projects ever since I took my vacation early this month. Plus the piles on my desk build because new projects and work is added daily . Everyday I make myself get up and go to work to get absolutely nothing accomplished. Needless to say (but I'll say it anyway!) I am just a bit stressed. So here is my mountainous desk that is most likely a fire hazard and I mention to a coworker, My desk reminds me of those agoraphobic brothers in New York that piled up newspaper and other debris and created elaborate tunnels and booby traps through their entire house. Blank stare. Ya know, one was disabled and the other one would go out in the middle of the night to bring back food. It happened a long time ago? Blink. The one got trapped in one of his own created booby traps and died and the other because he wouldn't or couldn't leave the house starved to death... Huh?

It's not like I expect everyone to know about the Collyer Brothers, but I always thought it was a pretty common story. But no one knew what I was talking about because I asked every single person I work with if they knew the story. These are very educated, fairly well read people, and nada. Until one of them looked it up on the internet, I don't think anyone believed me... By the way, the Yahoo! search is brothers, booby trap, tunnels and newspapers...

Hmm...maybe if I quit quizzing coworkers about weird historical incidents, I could get some work done. Nah. So anyone else heard of Langley and Homer?

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