February 24, 2005

Ed Morrissey from Captain's Quarters

Ed Morrissey from Captain's Quarters has posted an insightful article about Terri Schiavo in response to many bloggers emailing him begging him to use his blog "clout" to tell her story. Ed validly defends himself against the accusation of some of the overly ambitious emails that his ignoring of the Terri Schiavo case will cause Terri to die. No, Ed ignoring this story will not cause Terri to die; but he could make a difference as to whether she will live. Terri was given a death sentence and she was told that she had no worth to society.

Ed then gives this advice to the blogs who are working hard to save Terri:

The issue is a society that treats its infirm and inconvenient as unnecessary burdens, weights that can simply be tossed in the trash as easily as fast-food wrappers. We abort babies by the truckload because they complicate our lives. Some of them get tossed into dumpsters after having reached birth. We execute prisoners because it's supposedly more cost-effective to do so, even though they inevitably eat up years and years of courtroom time on almost-endless appeals. The suicidal get heroic treatment in movies and real life, with ghouls like Jack Kevorkian lauded and feted and, after getting locked up, becoming a minor celebrity cause.

When did life get so cheap? When were humans reduced to commodities?

If people want to save Terri Schiavo and others like her, that's where we should start. We need to get a definition of life that makes sense and honors its sacred nature. If we cheapen life to simply its utilitarian value, we run the risk of losing not just one Terri but all of the Terris who struggle for life and the tender touch of their families.

Again, a valid and well reasoned argument that I would expect no less from Ed Morrissey. And I agree that society has deemed life worthless. Out of convenience, we as a society have chosen to rid ourselves of our undesirables. Abortion and euthanasia and the death penalty are just ways to destroy our unwanted.

Yes, looking at the big picture is good. But I disagree with one point, Ed. Just because there is a bigger picture and more to do, does not mean we can't concentrate on this tiny piece of the puzzle and make a difference. Yes, society has cheapened life and to most, Terri's life is not worth much. As bloggers we could show our readers a little of Terri's worth. We could show her life and relate the truth that has been so long denied to her by the MSM.

If Terri dies? Wouldn't it be better that more people knew it was a life that was taken instead of just a "houseplant"? Maybe this is our way to wake up society and show them that no life is worthless.

Thank you, Ed for your contribution. I just hope that you can see that Terri's life is a beautiful picture all to itself, worth a little time taken to post a thought or two.

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