February 22, 2005

A disappointment. I had previously

A disappointment. I had previously reported tonight that Judge Greer had issued a stay for the tube removal until Wednesday. This apparently was incorrect information, here is the real story from BlogsforTerri:

I've spoken to Bob again, and he assures me that NO such stay has been issued. These reports are apparently based on a story in The Empire Journal. Bob told me that after their attorney, David Gibbs, filed his emergency motion against the removal of the feeding tube, a reporter mentioned something to Mr. Gibbs about Judge Greer "issuing a stay." Mr. Gibbs immediately went to Judge Greer's chambers to find out what was going on, and was told that Judge Greer had not and would not issue a stay, and, furthermore, that the Judge "refused to make any ruling until Wednesday's hearing."

I have e-mailed the people at BlogsForTerri, Hyscience, and Empire Journal to apprise them of the true situation.

So, Terri's life is still hanging in the balance, and at this point, barring something stopping him, Michael will follow through on his murderous intent tomorrow afternoon.

Michael Schiavo and his lawyer, George Felos have already announced their intentions to remove the tube by 1:00pm tomorrow.

I received this email from Tim @ ProLifeBlogs:

Dear Pro-Life Friend,

Iím taking the unusual step of emailing the entire pro-life blogs mailing list because of a critical situation that has developed in the case of Terri Schiavo.

Today, the courts rejected the pleas of Terriís parents to stop her husband, Michael, from withholding food and water from her. He has promised to begin starving her tomorrow at 1 pm.

Most of you are aware that Terri is not a "vegetable" or "brain-dead" as Michael and his lawyers claim, but responds to others and is aware of her surroundings. She laughs, smiles and, according to her nurses, has a small vocabulary.

Terri is not on life support and is healthy. She needs help eating and is fed through a tube (helping someone eat and drink who is impaired has never been considered artificial life support).

While Michael asserts he is carrying out Terri's wishes, he waited until after he received a large sum of money from a lawsuit against her doctors before making this claim . During the lawsuit, he alleged negligence and motivated a financial award with the potential cost of Terriís rehabilitation.

However, Terri has been denied rehabilitation that experts testify could allow her to eat and talk. The courts in Florida have consistently blocked appeals to give Terri proper tests and therapy that would improve her life.

Terri may not have the capabilities she once had, but she is no less valuable and no less a person.

Here is what you can do to help Terri:

  1. Pray for Terri and her family.
  2. Blog - communicate the truth about what is going on and rally support for Terri and the Schindlers.
  3. Visit BlogsforTerri ( http://www.blogsforterri.com) for information and to join the team of blogs for Terri.
  4. Deluge Gov. Jeb Bush with emails and phone calls. He has the power to intervene. Here is his contact information:

    Governor Jeb Bush
    850 / 488-4441
    850 / 487-0801 (fax)

  5. Support HB701(click here).
  6. Important - Bypass the Mainstream Media - pledge support a paid advertisement in the St. Petersburg Tribune to inform its 450,000 paid subscribers about what is really happening to Terri. [http://www.blogsforterri.com/pledge.php]

Your participation in help is desperately needed.

Thank-you for standing-up for Life.




P.S. Iíve set-up a special aggregator that displays only posts about Terri Schiavo. You can see what our 200+ members are saying here [http://www.prolifeblogs.com/articles/aggregator.php?schiavo=1]

More Information at TerrisFight.org

Please do what you can to continue the fight.

No one is giving up on Terri!
Your contribution may be the phone call or the email or the blog post
that makes the difference and saves a life.

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