February 21, 2005

There. I admitted it. Please

There. I admitted it. Please don't be upset but I truly like the mainstream media.

Honest! Come on. Please believe me.

I think they fufill a service that bloggers can not entirely provide. Now when they fill their papers and television shows with tripe and garbage and slanted lies, I'm not too happy with them. But I'm not too happy with anyone who does that.

I don't mind reading articles with a liberal slant. I don't always mind watching news that isn't Fox news. It is good sometimes not to shut yourself out from other views in the world. I think the downfall of the Democratic party is that with the media spouting their views, Hollywood telling their stories and their papers telling them how intelligent they are; they have no one out there helping them keep perspective.

We have an entire medium dedicated to tell us everyday why we should believe something else! And why we're wrong! And do you know what most people do when everyday someone tells them that they're stupid and need to be told what to think?

They vote for Republicans of course. :)

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