February 19, 2005

I'd like to take just

I'd like to take just a moment to highlight the state where I have lived all my life, Florida.

The great philosopher, Maury Povich, once said:

None of the daytime talk shows would be on the air if the states of Florida,Texas, and California didn't exist. That's where every bizarre act happens and every weird person alights.

Now that would be mean if, in Florida's case, it wasn't true. I think it has something to do with the humidity and the size of the mosquitos.

People are just plain crazier in Florida.

I'm sure a few of you might recall something about Florida and the 2000 election, it's all a blur to me.

The reason I have not participated in the White Trash Wednesdays? The people highlighted by the blogs remind me too much of relatives.

Michael Schiavo and George Felos? Florida.

Bomb making teacher? Yup. Florida.

Parents on Strike? Florida again!

Lightening Striking Kids? Welcome to the Lightening Capital of the World. Which reminds me of a story about the time when I was high school and the golf team got struck by lightening...

Child Protection Agency Loses Child? Florida.

Residents apply for FEMA and receive it even where the hurricanes did not hit? Georgia okay Florida there too...

Sinkholes, Hurricanes and Traffic Jams?

Yep. F L O R I D A.
At least it never gets dull.

And you wonder why they don't ask me to make brochures for tourism?

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