February 19, 2005

As much as I admire

As much as I admire this well intentioned idea, I don't think it will work. Info-Post is suggesting that:
It seems clear to me at least that the motivation of the "husband" was originally monetary and is now both monetary and pride. If offered enough money (something over $50,000), would the "husband" relinquish custody of Terri to her parents? I will put forward $100 myself to test this idea.
A settlement offer has been offered to Michael Schiavo by the Schindlers. And it has been rejected. I am sure that the Schindlers would offer everything they have if they really felt that Michael would leave this situation alone.

However Michael's main reason, in his own words, for not turning guardianship over to Terri's parents is found in this deposition:

Q. Have you considered turning the guardianship over to Mr. and Mrs. Schindler?

SCHIAVO: No, I have not.

Q. And why?

SCHIAVO: I think that's pretty self explanatory.

Q. I'd like to hear your answer.

SCHIAVO: Basically I don't want to do it.

Q. And why don't you want to do it?

SCHIAVO: Because they put me through pretty much hell the last few years.

Q. And can you describe what you mean by hell?

SCHIAVO: The litigations they put me through.

Q. Any other specifics besides the litigation?

SCHIAVO: Just their attitude towards me because of the litigations. There is no other reason. I'm Terri's husband and I will remain guardian.

He cares more about hurting others and having revenge for what he perceives as personal attacks than doing the right thing. No amount of money, in my opinion will change Michael's mind.

It is wonderful to see so many people willing to pledge money for this case and money is needed by the Schindler's and to let more people know the truth. If you were one of the bloggers that were willing to pledge money to this well meaning but unrealistic idea, please check out these places as well:

Terri's fight (Terri's parents and supporters need your help!)

BlogsforTerri BlogsforTerri will shortly be raising money to begin an advertising campaign to attempt to sway public opinion and to encourage the legislature to continue in their efforts to fight for Terri's life.

Update: After checking out some other blogs (see my Blog4Terri blogroll) and seeing this idea continuing to be spread by Info-Post, I feel I need to be more clear in my thoughts regarding the idea of dealing directly with Michael Schiavo. Michael may be greedy, he may be a lot of things, but if you think for one minute, a man, who has spent $400,000 of Terri Schiavo's malpractice settlements on the lawyer that is in charge of the legal battle against Terri's right to live, is going to back away from this fight because you offer him $50,000, then you are wrong. What is going on now is an attempt to get publicity for however well-intentioned an idea it was and draw away monetary funds that could be earmarked directly to the Schindler's.

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