February 18, 2005

This isn't as fun to

This isn't as fun to write. The Mainstream media is fun to bash because they're huge, the big man at the top of the mountain that everyone is trying to push off. Bloggers, for me, have names and faces and lives. But bloggers as much as we like to congratulate each other for our "truth" telling and MSM "bashing". As much as we like to tell others that we are getting the truth out there...there is another side that I am painfully aware of.

The heirarchy of blogs.

Just like in the MSM, there are the big dogs and there are the little dogs. Just for reference,my blog is like a flea on one of the puppies. I'm not going to name other bloggers, but I am sure if you have been around just for awhile in the blogosphere, you know who the big dogs are. These big dogs can't keep tabs on everything going on out there so they are focused microcosims of information that sometimes fortunately and sometimes unfortunately can sway a huge base of their readers. And, unfortunately for a flea like myself, these big dogs usually play in their yard and rarely come out to see what else is going on. They like the MSM, have become complacent in their status and aren't as willing as they used to be, to highlight information that they might not fully agree with or might not care about.

Complacency and arrogance is what is killing the MSM. They have for so long been the only source for so many people to receive their information, that they have become careless and lazy and unwilling to show other points of view. Just a word of warning to the blogosphere who might listen: Big dogs get bit by fleas too.

You might be asking where your Terri Schiavo story is tonight...well considering these two "tainted" stories just that. The MSM has told you the wrong story about Terri; it is full of lies. And the big dog bloggers (except a few) have decided it's not important enough for them to stop patting themselves on the back about Eason Jordan or digital camaras... and yes, I am frustrated.

Prove me wrong, big dogs. Prove me wrong.

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