February 18, 2005

Not that this is

Not that this is a big revelation but this article in the Jewish World Review lists Easongate, Rathergate and the double standard in the media's research of Kerry's and Bush's military records to show that, yes, the media is tainted.

This is not about the past or ultimately even about Kerry or Bush. It is about the future of this country. A gullible public learning only what is filtered to them by a biased media is not a hopeful sign for the future of a democracy.
Some of the public have begun to wake up but more need to do so. Many in the media also need to wake up to what they are doing, or failing to do, when their politics taints their work.

An interesting thing I noticed regarding all three of the examples Thomas Sowell uses in his article is the reliance of other sources of information to get the truth out there. Not the Mainstream Media. Bloggers played a large part in each of these issues even being issues. No longer can the public rely on their daily newspaper or television news to provide an accurate portrayal of the facts.

Although I have heard for years that the media was biased, it has not been until just recently that the public with the aid of the internet have been able to find the truth for themselves. Now we have the media fighting against the new information sources, even threatening legal action for one blogger.


The printing press created an outlet for the elite able to afford the machine an outlet to tell others what was going on in their world. The technology and tools of the MSM have grown and become more sophisticated. I will never be able to afford the tools necessary to own a newspaper. I do not have access to the resources required to develop a news program on television. All I have is a computer like 60% of all Americans in my home with internet access. If I didn't have this computer I could go three miles down the road to the public library and have the same access for free. Yes, my computer and my time is enough to threaten some in the media to lash out and fight against us.

Bloggers have enough resources to reach and change minds, the same minds that once were influenced solely on what the 6:00 evening news. So MSM watch out. You know that we're watching you.

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