July 25, 2005

Jane, You Ignorant Slut

Sheeeeee's Back! John Fonda Jane Kerry will be touring the country (the USA, not Vietnam), reliving her glory days of spitting on US troops, though this time, it is over Iraq:

Actress and activist Jane Fonda says she intends to take a cross-country bus tour to call for an end to U.S. military operations in Iraq.

"I can't go into any detail except to say that it's going to be pretty exciting," she said. "It feels so good to be doing all those anti war things, spitting on troops, calling them baby killers. I cannot wait to hear what happens to the troops that have been captured. I so enjoy a good beheading of an American soldier."

Ok, so I added those last 3 sentances. But, in essence, that is what her ideals add up to. Undercutting US policy, weakening our stances, demeaning US troops. Why?

They plan to return to the Santa Fe area, where she was promoting her book, "My Life So Far" on Saturday.

So she is going to revist her Vietnam days, and all the attrocities against American troops that she herself caused, to promote her book? But she has decided that "she is coming out" in her opposition to the Iraq War. Funny on the timing, isn't it? Like we didn't know where she stood.

  • 4/10/2003: "It's hard to imagine a happy ending to the US-led war in Iraq," said Fonda.
  • 10/17/2004: Saying Bush's decision to go to war was based on "a lie," Fonda complained, "I agree with the military experts who say it's a quagmire."
  • 4/6/2005: "I think the war is wrong. I think it's a mistake and I think that we should get out."

Will she go to Iraq and pose with terrorists as they behead a US Citizen or soldier? I have a few choice words for Hanoi Jane, but I will keep it PG. Bitch.

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Posted by William Teach at July 25, 2005 09:43 PM | TrackBack

Hey, when did she get promoted to slut?

Posted by: Jeff H at July 26, 2005 12:47 AM

Literary license :)

Posted by: William Teach at July 26, 2005 09:31 AM

How much did that license cost? And did you have to get any shots first?

Posted by: Jeff H at July 27, 2005 11:11 AM

It was cheap. I did hate to wash my hands after I met Hillary, one time, though.

I'll admit, she was very nice, very engaging. It was for a historical society, so politics never came up the 3 or 4 minutes I talked to her.

Posted by: William Teach at July 27, 2005 08:16 PM
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