August 04, 2005

Got Gasoline, Will Offend

Ask me if I care about your opinion. Go ahead. I dare ye.

Well, actually, I do. I may not pay attention to it, I may try and refute it, but I do care about it. Hell, I wouldn't read Left-o-sphere blogs, and persue lefty sites, such as the DU, Common Sense,, if I didn't care about other's opinions. Well, also the humor factor.

It's amazing to me that someone would write a blog and basically say "your opinion means sh*t to me." Then, when called out by another blogger, have a fit, delete that bloggers trackback, complain too them mostly off topic, then compain about them on their own blog, without even the benefit of a name or a trackback. That's mature.

At boarding school, there was a guy, don't remember his name, don't care, either, who would say "You're entitled to your opinion, but it is wrong." Literally say it. You can imagine how well that went over. He never came back for the second session after Christmas.

The other part of the equation is "I donít think women generally have the sensibilities to run the country." I cannot even begin to imagine the idiocy of that statement, especially coming from a woman. If a man said that, he would be assaulted by every women's group, both Left and Right, beyond belief. It wasn't so long ago that women were not judged qualified to vote, or work, or serve in the military, among others. Are women qualified to make important judgements on the United States of America? I would think so, comsidering the women who have served on the Supreme Court, as well as lower courts.

Is Condi ready to be President? Maybe, maybe not. She has never really been in the politician track. So what? Is that really what the Framers wanted? Politicians only? How about someone who has served admirably in the Bush admin, currently serving as Sec of State? I would rather have her then someone like Hillary, who, no matter what you think of her politics, has the sensabilities to be president.

What kind of reaction would there be if I wrote "blacks do not have the sensibilities to be President" and left it at that? Essentially, La Shawn has doomed the entire female race as silly little non-entities when it comes to politics. I mean, really, if a wack job like Cynthia McKinney can become a US Representative, certainly most other women are more then qualified to be President, especially a smart cookie like Condi.

Quite frankly, La Shawn reminds me more of the MSM reporters and Lefties, who all tend to have little hissy fits when they are criticized, then go off on a tangent. "Please read my blog, but go scr*w yourself if you disagree."

Like Beth says "TOUGHEN UP!"

Posted by William Teach at August 4, 2005 11:47 AM | TrackBack

She's getting more coy about slamming people. Since I was "banned" last night--at my home IP address--I stopped by this morning from work and left the following comment:

"Then I guess I'm fortunate my opinions aren't influenced by whether or not you 'buy' them or not."

Perhaps not your opinions, but clearly your behavior. Immediately deleting comments that are simply pointing out where your behavior is inconsistent with your stated beliefs, seems to be to be signs you are, indeed, 'influenced' by whether or not people like you.

Commenting critically on Steal the Bandwagon re: that blogger's disagreement with you, then deleting her trackback to your post, and then topping it all off with a sanctimonious update; further, immediately removing my comment and the follow-up, and finally banning me (from my home IP address only): what's your point? That your sensibilities have been insulted? I thought that was the liberal way.

You've lost your stripes in this conservative's army, toots.

Now, of course, she's deleted that comment entirely (of course, anal-retentive lawyer boy wannabe that I am, I save a jpeg of it; it was comment #43), but hasn't banned my work IP address--yet.

But really, who cares?


Posted by: Jeff H at August 4, 2005 12:27 PM

Just to clarify, I messed up the formatting somewhat; everything from "Then I guess I'm fortunate..." to "...this conservative's army, toots" was my comment at LB's.

{anal retentive, indeed}

Posted by: Jeff H at August 4, 2005 12:29 PM

That's ok, I got what ye meant.

Heck, I've left much worse and had much worse left at my site, and haven't seen them toasted once. I have taken serious shots over at the Huff Post, and they have posted them. If LB cannot take it, then she is a Lefty posting supposed conservative thoughts.

Posted by: William Teach at August 4, 2005 01:39 PM
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