August 06, 2005

Air Deadbeat Saga Continues, Lefties Go "Huh?"

It is now 10 days since since the Air Deadbeat story broke (via Bore America), and it continues to not only get worse for them, but it continues to be covered by the right of center blogs.

Michelle Malkin links to a story in today's New York Post, which shows that Air Deadbeat has started putting money in an escrow account, but only $50K. The NYC investigators recommended putting the whole $850K in the account.

I wonder which Liberal big wig (who hasn't rebuffed Bush's tax cuts (snicker)) will give AD the money to put into the account? AD can barely afford to pay their employees.

Finally, the NY State Attorney General, Elliot Spitzer, has become involved, but it seems like he is going to investigate only Gloria Wise at this time. Don't forget to focus on AD, Elliot!

So far, the NY Post and NY Sun seems to be about the only news sites carrying the story. Weirdly enough, the stories by US News and World Report and the Investor's Business Daily were either buried or not on Yahoo News the day they were published. They are now.

The MSM's may not be covering this (where are you, Grey Lady?), but it isn't dying in the right-o-sphere. Unlike the left-o-sphere, we do not have a flavor of the day, move on quickly. Whatever happened to Ohio 2004, Abu Ghraid, G'itmo, the DSM, Gannon, Rovegate? All those issues which were going to "take Bush down." In some cases, the lefties whined for a month or so, then moved on, but it was either hysterical or transient posts. Even Roberts seems to have cooled in the left-o-sphere. The blogburst to get Kerry to sign his 180's is still going strong. The Stop the ACLU blogburst is going on, what, week 19? And look at all the Carnivals which are right-o-sphere dominated. The only story that the lefties stick with is how much they hate our troops, and they post with glee any negative story, especially body counts.

Airdeadebeat From Fox and Corkum

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Posted by William Teach at August 6, 2005 08:34 AM | TrackBack

Air what?

Air who?

Posted by: Jeff H at August 6, 2005 09:50 PM

It should probably be "Air Caterwall" or Air Seetharama."

Posted by: William Teach at August 6, 2005 10:30 PM

Ah, if only we had had the blogosphere and talk radio had been big during the Bork would be a different US...

Posted by: Makrothumeo at August 7, 2005 08:49 AM
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