August 16, 2005

Spanish Troops in Afghanistan?

According to news sources, 17 Spanish troopers were killed in a helicopter crash in Afghanistan Tuesday. What I want to know is what were Spanish troops doing in Afghanistan in the first place?

Didn't Spain have those horrific bombings in 2003 that caused them to elect an anti-Iraq war government and pull their troops out of Iraq? Yup. The bombers said it was because of Iraq, which just happens to be the front lines in the War on Terrorism, and very divisive. Yet they didn't ask for troops to be pulled out of Afghanistan. And Spain complied with the terrorists. Interesting.

Essentially, the enemy is doing what they can to tear the world apart, and using Iraq is a good way to get people like the Spaniards and our lefties (won't call them Americans, wouldn't be right) to comply with their demands.

It comes down to a simple word: Infidel. You either believe in radical Islam, or you need to die. That is the way they think. If you are a Muslim, and do not follow the way of the radical Muslim's, you are an infidel, and you need to die. Our Dem's ignored the threat during the 90's, and now, through their irrational hatred of George Bush, they will do everything they can to embolden the Muslim terrorists. They need to up their meds

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