August 20, 2005

And Noooowwww, Here's Kristin!

I forget who it was who was wondering when Kristing Breitweiser would speak out on Able Danger. Well, she has, over at the Huffington "bandwith thieves" Post

The revelation of this new information is astounding for two reasons. First, if true, this would mean that four of the key hijackers in the 9/11 plot were in the cross-hairs of our Pentagon one year prior to the attacks during the summer of 2000. Second, it raises credibility issues surrounding the 9/11 Commission since the Commission’s Final Report does not mention—let alone report upon—the Able Danger operation.

So far so good. But, rather then exerpting any more, I challenge you to read the long, rambling post by Kristin. I see 2 things. One, she has failed to mention that Clinton was president during that time period. Heck, Clinton's name doesn't even appear. Second, down near the end, she is apparently trying to hintimate some sort of conspiracy by the CIA. Any guess who she would like to blame for said conspiracy? SInce 99% of the posts at THP are vast leftwing........

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