March 27, 2005

Terri Schiavo's life and her

Terri Schiavo's life and her right to live it: It never ceases to amaze me regarding all the different perspectives involved. I don't think any of us realize the full implications of this case, that we may only learn with the benefit of hindsight. So many people with different views and mind sets. So many people saying support Terri and then the others say let her go. People who have wanted Congress to rush in there and rescue Terri (myself included) and others who feel profoundly against Congress taking such action and overstepping their boundaries (myself included). I and many of my fellow bloggers have had opposing and conflicting views just within ourselves. Our need to see Terri rescued has sometimes overcome our need for our laws to be followed. That's not to say that the laws shouldn't be changed.
I feel heartened that BlogsforTerri and the Schindler's have decided to continue their cause against euthanasia and make sure that this doesn't end with Terri.
We are determined that Terri's terror will be the rallying cry of a wake-up call for America, and the begining of a coming together of liberals and conservatives in the common cause of supporting life. As has been the case in bringing Terri's plight into the media spotlight, bloggers from all sides of the political spectrum will increase our number, as the powerful force we have already become, in order that we turn back the forces that seek to euthanize the disabled, the elderly, and the unwanted.
There are still so many questions left unanswered regarding the power of the government to intervene but there is no question in mind that Terri Schiavo has suffered needlessly and should have been given a chance. Hope should have prevailed over death in this case, maybe because of this error in our judicial system and because we can no longer claim ignorance to the situation; we can began to restore hope for so many others.
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