February 26, 2005

Okay, this is another one

Okay, this is another one of those "probably should not post this, but I will anyway" posts. Just warning you that if you find me a fairly sane credible person and you use this blogs to receive some insight, or even if you just have an inkling of respect for my opinions: just skip this post.

Yah, just scroll on down below or read this or this or this.

Okay Everyone else, here it goes:

I love the comments. L O V E them. Seriously one of the best thing about blogging is the instantaneous feedback, it is awesome. I try to respond to everyone's comments in someway. But sometimes I find it very difficult to do so.

When do these instances occur that I find it difficult to respond? When someone disagrees? Nope. When they are mean? Nada, actually I haven't had many mean comments here. When they make no sense whatsoever? No...

When there are an even amount of comments already posted and my additional comment would make it an odd number. Sometimes I can "get over it" and do it. Other times I have problems...So if you are the number 6 commenter and no one else becomes number 7, I just want to say right now : Thanks for the comments, I appreciate your insight. And yes, you are absolutely correct, but here is why I disagree with you...

Do I still have any readers left?

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