February 22, 2005

The feeding tube could've been

The feeding tube could've been removed today. Terri could have begun to feel the pains of hunger, I wonder if she remembers the last time. Six days without food. Her body shrinking, her flesh dehydrating as her parents watched in horror. A miracle happened that sixth day. A man with power stood up and stopped the pain. Jeb Bush in an honorable attempt to keep hope alive, signed in a bill that would later be struck down by the courts. The courts that were so insulted that the governor tried to use his authority to overrule them, struck down that life saving bill to prove a point. But hope still was alive. Through gut wrenching twists and turns in the judicial system, we have watched. And hope still lives. This morning the sun rose, but hope seemed to fade. The clock raced toward noon, then to that fateful time. The time to begin the end of hope. Paused for a moment in history, a judge who had never done anything to prolong Terri's dear sweet life, granted her hope for one more day. And now we all wait. But there is still hope...

And what is this hope?

A smile for her mother.

A laugh for her father.

A mumbled word.

An all knowing glance.

Someone else's daughter talking.

Science teaching us all how to communicate to those we once thought could not speak for themselves...

As of tonight, hope is still alive. Keep working to keep that hope alive. Go to BlogsforTerri for more information.

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