February 17, 2005

This is one of those,

This is one of those, do I or don't I posts. Should I offer a hilarious although embarassing confession for everyone to know...or do I just step away from the blog and go wash the dishes? Hmm..embarassing confession wins over dishes anytime.

So here goes it: I am not a very good driver.

Today, I got a speeding ticket on my way to work. Unknown to me, they have changed the speed limit from 55 to 45 because of the construction...yes a construction zone speeding ticket. My husband later called me at work and said I should've known the speed limit had changed, there were dozens of signs! Who notices signs? Anyway, this ticket was for 19 miles over in a work area so it would be doubled and could be about $500.00; well that's what the police officer said to make me feel better about the $80.00 ticket he wrote me.

I posted about the "mailbox incident" last week. Five mailboxes on one post: I got four out of five of them with my passenger side mirror. But I didn't mention my bad luck with inanimate objects. If you're not alive and not moving, watch out, I might hit you.

Since receiving my driver's license at 16 I have hit: 2 parked cars causing extensive damage, several parked cars just bumping them in the bumper, four mailboxes and one building. I have also hit a moving vehicle but to this day I contend that it was not my fault, although they gave me the ticket! Plus the driver of the other car ended up having a warrant out for his arrest, so really I did a public service by hitting him...

But to be honest, the ticket today and the mailboxes last week were the first incidents in a really really long time...well if you don't count...nevermind. I'm done.

Scared of me yet?

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