July 22, 2005

TJ's one man, get ready for the weekend, blogburst

  • Quickies :
  • ... Forget Rove - until the investigations are complete, Nadagate is a useless distraction

    ... Roberts should be confirmed, there is no logical basis for not doing so and we are spending too much time on this!

    ... Mass Transit bag searches (a la NYC) are a good thing, but "random checking" is garbage. Profiling is OK, get over it.*

    ... We need to secure our borders - Mexico and Canada. Yes, Immigration is good - when it is LEGAL!

    ... Militant groups (including, but not limited to "Islamofascists") need to be arrested / prosecuted / jailed-deported *

    ... We need more surveillance cameras here in the US, for "post-incident" investigation **

    ... Social inSecurity needs private accounts and a raising of the retirement age, and yes - it is still a crisis

    ... Medicare / Medicaid is an even bigger financial fiasco than Social inSecurity

    ... What does the Dept of Agriculture do anyway, aside from paying farmers to not grow stuff? ***

    ... And how about some welfare reform, tort reform, and tax reform (think The Fair Tax) while I am ranting

    * : there was never a good time for being PC, and now it can kill us. Get over it.
    ** : Free Speech isn't free. And it isn't unlimited. And there can be consequences.
    *** : feel free to enlighten me here, if it's worth it

    OK, NOW you can go have a great weekend! And Vote TJ for President in 2012.

    (cough) Participating sites :

  • NIF
  • Steal the Bandwagon
  • ItsAPundit
  • The Bower
  • Euphoric Reality
  • ... and good luck to Jody's busted computer.

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